Written Safety Programs

  • On Site Safety's staff provides a variety of services to ensure your business is compliant for various industry practices. We will evaluate your current written safety programs or create them for you.
✔ Lockout-Tagout
Lockout Tagout is a key component to your Injury & Illness Prevention Program. And yes ... it applies to agriculture as well! Written policy, procedures, training, and implementation are required.

✔ Injury & Illness Prevention

Cal / OSHA General Industry Safety Order 3203. Effective July 1, 1991, every employer shall establish, implement and maintain an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program. The Program shall be in writing and, shall, at a minimum:

  • (1) Identify the person or persons with authority and responsibility for implementing the Program.
  • (2) Include a system for ensuring that employees comply with safe and healthy work practices. Substantial compliance with this provision includes recognition of employees who follow safe and healthful work practices, training and retraining programs, disciplinary actions, or any other such means that ensures employee compliance with safe and healthful work practices.
  • (3) Include a system for communicating with employees in a form readily understandable by all affected employees on matters relating to occupational safety and health, including provisions designed to encourage employees to inform the employer of hazards at the worksite without fear of reprisal. Substantial compliance with this provision includes meetings, training programs, posting, written communications, a system of anonymous notification by employees about hazards, labor/management safety and health committees, or any other means that ensures communication with employees.


✔ Heat Stress Prevention
General Industry Safety Order 3395 pertains to all outdoor places of employment. Heat Illness Prevention written policies, procedures, training for both employees and supervisors. As always we provide the proper documentation!
✔ Hazcom
Hazard Communication. General Industry Safety Order 5194. all employers are to provide information to their employees about the hazardous chemicals to which they may be exposed, by means of a hazard communication program, labels and other forms of warning, safety data sheets, and information and training
✔ Confined Space
(1) Is large enough and so configured that an employee can bodily enter and perform assigned work; and

(2) Has limited or restricted means for entry or exit (for example, tanks, vessels, silos, storage bins, hoppers, vaults, and pits are spaces that may have limited means of entry.); and

(3) Is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.

Confined spaces fall into two categories. Permit Required and NON Permit Required.

Which ones do you have ?

✔ Respiratory Protection

General Industry Safety Order 5144 Respiratory protection program.

The employer shall include in his written program the following provisions, as applicable:

(A) Procedures for selecting respirators for use in the workplace;

(B) Medical evaluations of employees required to use respirators;

(C) Fit testing procedures for tight-fitting respirators;

(D) Procedures for proper use of respirators

(E) Procedures and schedules for cleaning, disinfecting, storing, inspecting, repairing, discarding, and otherwise maintaining respirators;

(F) Procedures to ensure adequate air quality, quantity, and flow of breathing air for atmosphere-supplying respirators;

(G) Training of employees in the respiratory hazards to which they are potentially exposed during routine and emergency situations;

(H) Training of employees in the proper use of respirators, including putting on and removing them, any limitations on their use, and their maintenance; and

(I) Procedures for regularly evaluating the effectiveness of the program.

We have your written programs

We can do your annual safety training

We provide complete documentation to satisfy State and Local Pesticide training requirements

We provide the medical evaluations and fit testing

  • Safety meetings can be conducted at your place of business on a regular basis to meet your needs. These meetings are designed to satisfy the requirements for your industry.
  • We can also assist you with Safety Inspections, Job Duty Hazard Analysis and Accident Investigations.
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    Ensuring you get trained on every aspect of compliance from the state to the local level


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  • CPR


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  • Health Initiatives

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